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Adult Kickboxing

The benefits of kickboxing are endless. Kickboxing is a combat sport which is performed standing up, delivering strikes to your opponent. This is a fantastic class not only to give you the confidence on how to protect yourself, but also to get your body into tip top shape! Our kickboxing classes draw large inspiration from Muay Thai – the art of 8 limbs.

Adult Kickboxing


Kickboxing is not just an incredibly rewarding martial art to practice, it is also a form of exercise that is sure to push you out of your comfort zone. At WARCRY Martial Arts we understand everyone is going to have different goals when it comes to training. Whether you dream of becoming the next WKA champion, want an alternative to your gym membership, or a new method of self-defense, we strive to make classes physically challenging as we build your technical understanding of striking.

Self Defense

Kickboxing provides students with lessons that prepare them for potential attacks or altercations. Kickboxing allows its practitioners to use their hands, feet, and knees for various strikes. This provides students with the tools needed to defend themselves from an attacker with a swift punch, elbow or a powerful kick. Kickboxing emphasizes awareness, mental sharpness, body strength, muscle memory, and the proper timing of a strike to our students. Furthermore, Kickboxing imparts important techniques and helps individuals react quickly and effectively. At WARCRY Martial Arts we strongly believe that every martial artist should be well rounded in both stand up striking, as well as grappling. Kickboxing is one of the best choices for a standing martial art.


No matter what martial art you’re practicing, endurance is a necessity. Here at WARCRY Martial Arts, we understand that in order to win a match, you need a high level of skill AND conditioning. Regularly training in kickboxing provides you with a level of cardio that is sure to protect you from losing strength during a match and not being able to execute those techniques you’ve spent countless hours mastering. Our kickboxing classes will keep you on your toes – covering a wide variety of exercises such as interval training, jumping rope, core strength drills, and both aerobic and anaerobic conditioning.

Physical Strength

Kickboxing is known for its ability to tone and build strength in nearly every part of your body. It engages your arms, legs, abs, shoulders, and glutes all at once! Kickboxing puts serious stress on all of these muscle areas, building strength quickly. Additionally, thanks to its heavy use of cardio, Kickboxing burns tons of calories and aids in major weight loss (but not muscle mass loss of course)! All around, Kickboxing is perfect for strengthening and vitalizing the entire body. You’ll find yourself feeling and looking stronger, healthier, and happier. These benefits will carry over into all other areas of your athletic training, work performance, and personal life.

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